Professional Development: Climate Change and Music-Making


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Professional Development: Climate Change and Music-Making

Professional Development: Climate Change and Music-Making


Renowned Rhode Island-based musician Sidy Maiga’s expertise lies in traditional and contemporary Malian and West African music. Sidy is highly skilled in djembe and dundun, two percussion instruments whose importance goes beyond rhythm, style, and musical skill. These instruments and their construction require cultural knowledge that signifies the importance of the environment and a community that helps meet each other’s needs. In this presentation, Sidy describes these instruments’ history and cultural significance within West African societies as they relate to community building, the environment, and how we impact those around us. 

In doing so, Sidy opens up to broader questions regarding how climate change affects cultural production, including the resources, relationships, and communities that may surround an art form. This discussion becomes an exploration into how climate change impacts music-making and other forms of art. The goal is to inspire educators to envision how the arts can integrate into lesson plans to help understand the socio-cultural impacts of climate change and how communities respond.

Additionally, Sidy and Jamil Jorge, FirstWorks’ Education Director, will share the resources available in FirstWorks’ Virtual Learning Series, including performances and talks, that teachers can use with their students to expand upon the ideas shared during the session.

Earns one PLU credit.

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