Video release: Natále – Moreno feat. Fidel Nadal


Video release: Natále – Moreno feat. Fidel Nadal

Video release: Natále – Moreno feat. Fidel Nadal

Natále is a genre-defying singer-songwriter whose homes include Philadelphia, Tel Aviv, and New England. Her music is an eclectic mix of soul, folk-rock, and Middle Eastern vibes. Inspired by the musical revolutions of the 1960s & ‘70s, Natále’s music is a direct channel to finding solace in inner solitude.

Her latest music video “Moreno” premieres on March 15, 2022 on the cusp of spring. Filmed in the open markets, beaches, and streets of Mexico, the video shares sunshine, warmth, and uplifting vibes, encouraging people from all cultures to dance in unison to the celebration of life!

“Moreno” features Afro-Argentinian reggae musician Fidel Nadal, “The Rasta who revolutionized Latin Rock” (Rolling Stone Magazine). The world-reggae inspired song emits the experience of a spirited, multicultural love affair, drawing influences from cumbia and flamenco.

“Conceptually, the goal was to keep it simple, by documenting the experiences and the energy shared between locals. In many places in Latin America, especially in Mexico, music and dancing are inherently part of the circadian. Music is food for the spirit, and I wanted to capture the basic essence of simply enjoying life’s natural rhythm.” – Natále

“Moreno” was recorded at Grammy-award winner Camilo Lara’s Soy Sauce Studios in Mexico City. The song was performed by a cast of native Mexican musicians: Alex Gonzalez, Salvador Hernandez Mucel, Moises Tlaxcaltecatl Hernandez, Raymundo Tlaxcaltecatl Hernandez Bateria, Marco Tulio Tlaxcaltecatl, and Alex González Villaseñior; and was mixed/engineered by Diego Aguirre Cruzaley.


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