Celebrity Costume Designer: Machine Dazzle
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“Costume designers generally work within a realistic tradition. But the only script that the theatrical genius Machine Dazzle follows is an emotional one.” - Hilton Als, The New Yorker
Machine Dazzle
Known for creating outrageous looks for Broadway and the runway, MACHINE DAZZLE has been dazzling stages with his designs since his arrival in New York in 1994. From the Metropolitan Museum, to the Guggenheim, to spanning nearly two and a half centuries of popular music for Taylor MaC, Machine’s costumes are a springboard for his imagination and radically queering the field of costume design.


September 1, 2019


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Visual Arts
Be inspired to create by Machine Dazzle with FirstWorks! From a hat & sash-making workshop, to the PVDFest procession and his talk on taking a radical queer approach to materials. Using materials not normally part of costume or apparel – the shinier the better, he throws them on the floor and creates! In this excerpt, Machine recalls his art teacher’s best creative advice   –  “fill the page!”
FirstWorks Virtual Learning Series: Machine Dazzle

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